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How can I chat?

Click on an IM buddy from your contact list and choose Start Chat. This will open a chat window into which you can type. Choose Options and click OK to send your chat message. Your phone notifies you via a sound when your friend replies.

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How do I add Communities?

You can register your communities going to:
Menu > Options > Communities > Select the desired community
Add your username and password  and save the changes.
Log in and your contact list will appear in a few seconds.

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How do I change my password?

You can change your password online.
Go to
Sign In > scroll down > select Settings > Change Password

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How do I find new friends?

If you want to make new friends and meet new people we recommend you to join the Nimbuzz Chatrooms, were you can find people from all over the world.

Chatrooms are available for Symbian and Java devices


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How do I make a call?

Select an IM buddy from your contact list (Gtalk, and Nimbuzz) and choose the Call option.

If you want to call to land line phone numbers or mobile numbers you will need a SIP account or use your SkypeOut credits.

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How to create an account?

You can register yourself:

  1. After downloading the program pressing on the link "get a new account" or
  2. At our website:


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How to download Nimbuzz into my phone?

You can download Nimbuzz directly from your phone browser on

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How to register a SIP account?

Go to Options > Settings > SIP Accounts to register an account.

Note that SIP is currently available for Symbian devices, iPhone and PC.

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I forgot my password

If you have registered your email address you can request a password reset by clicking here.

Logged on Nimbuzz mobile, you can request your account details by going to:
Settings > Account Settings > Registration > Forgot Password

you will receive an SMS with your user details.

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Privacy policy

The login information is used for the purpose of integrating all your IM accounts in one contact list.

Check our privacy policy on the website for a complete overview of how we protect your private data.

Note that Nimbuzz operates under the strict European privacy regulations.

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Where are the chatrooms?

Chatrooms on Java devices: can be found on the Main page

Chatrooms on Symbian devices: Go to Chat tab, Options > Chatrooms

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